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"I feel like if I didn’t do music on YouTube and force myself to be vulnerable, maybe I wouldn’t have become more carefree like a child and rock an audition to book my dream role. People think you need to have everything figured out when you’re young, but I still feel like I’m 17. I play 16, 17 on Teen Wolf! I feel like I’m a kid again, just starting to find myself.”

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Welcome to the McCall's Pack Net!!

Basically what happened when we thought: Hey, why not start a network about that awesome pack from that awesome T.V show

  • Must be following the Cool Kids
  • Reblog this post (Likes for bookmarks only please)
  • Fill out this hella rad survey (I promise it’s painless)
What we're looking for
  • Nice people with active blogs (basically not on hiatus)
  • Teen Wolf or Multifandom blog 
  • People who think the McCall pack is awesome
  • Bonus points if your blog is fairly clean and organized
If you get in
  • You’ll get a spot on the Network page 
  • Accept that email you get offering to join the network blog/page
  • Track the tag #Mccallspacknet
  • Have a link to the Network Page somewhere on your blog
  • Follow the other members
Other stuff
  • Ends August 15th (unless notes are really low and we extend it)
  • Have this post get 20 notes, or we’ll be very sad and hide this post in shame
  • Picking 10-15 members depending on notes
  • Updates will be put in the network tag: #Mccallspacknet
  • Questions or concerns? Ask here or here
Why join?
  • Friendship!!
  • People to reblog/like your gifs, edits, selfies, fics, ect..
  • Promos when you feel like them
  • People to fangirl/boy over Teen Wolf with
  • When it comes down to it, the real question is, why not join.

Good luck!

YOOOOOO So me and Mal decided to make a network for Teen Wolf!! Check it out maybe? :)

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Someone ask her if she’s ever played lacrosse.

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I really have to say this?

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stiles stilinski + wet hair

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malia tate in text posts.
inspired by ( x

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